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Current Donors


Bred by: Corner View Club Lambs
911 x Hit Me

4271 first lamb was a Cool Banana daughter that should have stayed in the flock but we used her as our DIVA consignment that year. The Diva ewe lamb is pictured below this caption, pretty obvious why she was considered a Diva! 4271 is now a multi year donor for us, she consistently makes sheep that have plenty of power but come with all the extra chrome people like on their show lambs these days.
Flushed to MacLennan’s Game Ball for 2018 lambs!






Bred by: Rule Sheep Company
Donkey Punch x 0051-Tolle

4117 is the dam of our Drop the Mic son Nailed It, pictured below. 4117 was a dynamic show ewe for Madison Rule, one of those winning photos below. 4117 was never beat in the natural classes and was name Reserve at the Clash in 2015. We are super excited to own 4117 after being is RSC donor pen for past 18 months. Her first two flush rounds for 2018 lambs will be to TA and Cool Banana.

Nailed It Nailed It




Bred by: Corner View Club Lambs
Space Race x Pony Daughter

4202 only had to lamb once and she found her way to the donor pen.  Her 2016 was best Cool Banana wether on the farm, unfortunately he never made it to the show ring for the family but he would have been an elite one.  4202 herself was pretty tough in the show ring, you can go to our 2014 winners and find several pictures of her.
 Flushed to MacLennan’s Game Ball for 2018!




Corner View Donors

Bred by: Allred-Elliott
Eccentric x Swamp Donkey Daughter

We purchased 1044 from A/E the summer of 2012 as open ewe.  That year we bred her to 911 and what we got was our most famous show ewe ever to be born at CVCL, #3232.  She isn't just an one hit wonder had our third best ewe lamb in 2015 that had better than 3232 written all over her and we lost her about 10 days before the first show.  In 2014 she yielded us a wether that was very successful in Minnesota for a family.  2016 her flush lambs were well received Res. Natty at Badger Bonanza Show #2 and Reserve Grand at Dodge County.
Flushed to Nailed It for 2018!

Daughter of 1044




Corner View Donors

Bred by: Allred-Elliott
Log Dog x Composure Daughter

The sale topper of Clay's 2013 production sale, 2031 has not disappointed.  Her first year giving us a quality keeper ewe.  Then in 2015 she gave us twins, another keeper and the wether pictured.  This dude won his class at Wisconsin State Fair, also won jackpot in Minnesota and was Champion Cross at Wool Fest.  Flushed to MacLennan’s Game Ball for 2018!

Wether out of 2031




Past Donors

Corner View Donors

Bred by: Corner View Club Lambs
Lucky 13 x Cash Daughter

Pictured in her working clothes, this Lucky 13 daughter makes some pretty wild lambs.  She has one of the best keepers from 2015 as well as her wether that same year pictured here finished out okay I would say.  He didn't hang any banners but he sure did make it scary for some.  One of her 2016 wethers was our consignment to the Men of Influence sale in El Reno and heading to NAILE.  Another 2016 wether has been multiple time class winner for that family's show string.  Flushed to BS for 2017! 

Wether out of 2161




Corner View Donors

Bred by: Corner View Club Lambs
Wild Cat x Cash daughter

1201 was so extreme in her muscle that she showed against the "boys" at State Fair, not in the commercial ewe class and ended up second to Champion Hamp that year.  She was countless time breed champion that summer of 2011.  Her daughter pictured didn't fall far from the apple tree as they say, winning her class in 2015 at Wisconsin State Fair.  In 2016 sold a buck lamb out of her and another ET wether was Reserve Grand at Filmore County.  Flushed to SOB for 2017! 

Daughter of 1201




Bred by: Allred-Elliott
TA x Swamp Donkey Daughter

3021 was Lot 3 at the 2015 Industry Elite Bred Ewe Sale.  In 2014 she had a keeper ewe lamb for A/E that the Cody Family in Texas showed.  Then in 2015 she had a buck lamb sell on A/E's Elite Eight buck sale who went up to WY.  For us she gave us a TA sired ewe lamb that was flat out good and in our keeper pen.  This was enough evidence for use to put in our donor pen.  Flushed to BS for 2017!




Bred by: Allred-Elliott
HW x Signature Daughter

This ewe was purchased from A/E's November 2014 bred ewe sale online.  She laid down that next spring in 2015 and gave us three Sermon babies. One sold as a buck lamb and the two girls made the cut for keepers.  In 2014 for A/E bred to TA she made a wether that sold for $2,500 that went to Travis Herod.  Then in 2016 she made another ewe lamb by Cool Banana good enough to be a keeper.  That's called a consistent track record hence donor.  Flushed to SOB for 2017!




Bred by: Allred-Elliott
Trunk x Advantage Daughter

192 was the high seller of the 2015 Industry Elite Bred Ewe Sale.  She is new to our donor pen but has been flushed at A/E since 2011.  Mother of Consensus (pictured below) used by Begalka & A/E plus she is dam of 911 (pictured below) that we used.  A/E had four daughters in their flock.  She has grossed over $63K for A/E.  Enough with the writing, she is a stud donor and looks it.  Flushed to SOB for 2017!

911 Consensus





Bred by: Corner View Club Lambs
911 x Master Copy Daughter

4234 had a single Cool Banana ewe lamb, 16011 that we loaned out to a family, pictured below, that turned out pretty damn cool herself.  16011 was multiple time Commercial Ewe division champ on the show circuit.  We added this young ewe to donor roster based on this outcome and 4234's show record herself.  Flushed to Cool Banana for 2017!





Corner View Donors

Bred by: Corner View Club Lambs
Hit Me x Cash daughter

459 is one of the most consistent producing ewes ever to step foot on our farm.  She was an extremely competitive show ewe herself in 2010, winning multiple jackpots and many times breed champions or reserves.   She has never missed, however she also has never given us a male lamb.  Being flushed to Cool Banana for 2016 should result in some killer lambs and hopefully a ram lamb or two!




Corner View Donors

Bred by: Corner View Club Lambs
Unbelievable x Six Bits Daughter

2202's Exception baby in 2015 was a barn favorite, so we decided to flush her back to Exception for 2016 lambs to get a few more of them.


Flock genetics

We started our flock in 1996 after several years of exhibiting purchased show lambs. Like most flocks we started with a handful of show ewes.  Quickly we learned that we needed a core set of females to work with, so in 1997 we bought 27 aged ewes from McIlrath.  Then again in 2000 we added another 13 aged ewes from Harold & Sam.  In-between those two groups what has proven to be one of our “better days” was the purchase of 8 ewes out of the Navajo Club Lambs dispersal sale in August of 1999.  More recently we added some groups of Hamp ewes, 10 head from Hancock in 2005, 12 head from Cabaniss in 2009 and most recently 16 head from Allred-Elliott over two years 2012 & 2013.  We always keep a watchful eye out for elite females that can bring a new and exciting twist to our genetic program.

Today we keep between 90 to 100 ewes with about 30 percent of them registered Hamps.  We also keep 60 Polypay ewes that we utilize for our embryo transfer program.  We select replacements on their ability to produce champions over several generations. Our entire flock has been scrapie and spider tested. We focus on "Champion Based Genetics."



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